The lost project

Work In Progress / 09 June 2018

Hey Folks,

here is some small insight (in gifs) into what I've been working on about a year ago. It's a sci-fi exploration game that is developed 100% by myself to get a better grip on the whole process of game development. What you're seeing is a few glimpses into in a super early test level of the game that was already traversable from start to finish with some scripted events. The other set is mostly a demonstration of a small parts of the mechanics that I've had already built for the game. It should go without saying but all of this footage is from a super, super early pre-alpha status. 

The project is currently on halt but I may pick it up again at some point. Thanks for checking it out! :)

PS.: I apologize for the small size and crappy quality of some of those images but the 10MB limit makes it kinda hard to get good quality gifs in blog posts.